a zin for every taste bud

if we had to choose a signature varietal at satori, it would be zin. we grow more of it here than any other grape and it loves our soil, our long hot summer days, and cool nights. we currently release four different styles of zinfandel (and use it as a blending grape with petite sirah and syrah in our harmonic convergence).

oh-so zin, santa clara valley, estate grown (four clones). we grow four different clones (unique mutations of the same parent grape) of zinfandel at satori — deaver, foppiano, heritage and primitivo. each adds something unique and rich to the taste, smell, acidity, finish and mouth-feel of this bold, zesty blend. current releases: 2012, 2013. $29
(2013  gold medal, 2016 san francisco chronicle international wine competition)
zen zin, santa clara valley, estate grown (100% primitivo). our primitivo grapes provide such lush red fruit and smooth, velvety mouth feel we like to give them their own private living quarters. current releases: 2012, 2013. $29
(2013 double gold medal, 2016 san francisco chronicle international wine competition)
za zin, santa clara valley, estate grown (92% zin, 8% petite sirah). adding petite sirah to our four clones is almost not playing fair. almost. big and bold but smooth as melted chocolate. current releases: 2012, 2013, 2014. $30
(2013 gold medal, 2016 san francisco chronicle international wine competition)
oz, (original zin) santa clara valley, estate grown (100% old vineyard primitivo). made from our original vines planted in 2000. cherries jubilee. current release: 2013. $32

double trouble petite sirah

while zinfandel may be our signature grape, petite sirah owns this land. PS loves the heat, long days, and its view of the santa cruz mountains to the west. we make a 100% petite sirah ha ha, but back in 2007 Mr. T. softened the bad boy with some sirah and zinfandel so Sandy could drink it without a knife and fork — the result was our harmonic convergence which has become one of our most popular wines.

petite sirah ha ha, santa clara valley, estate grown. from vines planted in 2000 and 2004 we  craft a deep, inky dark, lip-smacking petite sirah. tannins are softened by nearly two years on mostly new french oak so our ha ha is very drinkable now — and it becomes even more complex and smooth with age. current releases: 2012, 2013. $31

harmonic convergence, santa clara valley, estate grown (petite sirah, syrah, zinfandel).
 the blend changes from year to year but it’s always more than 80% petite sirah. two years on french oak with our syrah and zin and everything just gets supple. current release: 2013. $32
(2013 double gold medal, 2016 san francisco chronicle international wine competition)

true blue yahoo cabs

these two blue yahoos find wonderful mischief wherever they go. one is 100% pure; the other is a mixed breed of cab, merlot and syrah. but they love each other in spite of their differences. you’ll love them too.

cabernet sauvignon of the blue hand, santa clara valley, estate grown. to answer your question, T., our winemaker, is from the blue hand tribe of the mayan calendar’s 20 tribes. (You’ve got a tribe too; ask us when you come to the winery.) T. will tell you this 100% cab is made in the vineyard. under-crop, pull leaves to increase sunshine and fresh air, and pick at the best balance of sugar and acidity; age for 18 months in mostly french oak and… voila! current releases: 2012, 2013 $36

joyoUS, santa clara valley, estate grown (cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah)
 this tasty elixir blends about 50% cab with varying amounts of merlot and syrah, depending on the vintage. we aim for a wine that is immediately drinkable, with bright fruit and acidity with a soft, lingering finish. pair with anything grilled, and good friends. current releases: 2012, 2013 $37

ain’t no sideways merlot

Our estate merlot always wants to be the center of attention. Fortunately she is funny and well-mannered so people don’t seem to mind bringing her along.

merlot of the violet flame, santa clara valley, estate grown. violet flame. well, this ain’t no Sideways merlot. It’s big and sassy … yet smooth as chocolate fondue. close your eyes and you’ll think you’re drinking a deep fruited, dusty cab.  current releases: 2012, 2013. $26
(2013 double gold medal, 2016 san francisco chronicle international wine competition)

our always festive syrah

from grapes planted in 2004 we grow well-balanced, fruit-forward syrah (blueberries!) that we serve straight up in our ta da syrah and as a distinctive ingredient in our joyoUS and harmonic convergence blends.

ta da syrah, santa clara valley, estate grown. you’ll want to assume the full “ta da!” position after you taste this blueberry black beauty. limited production. current release: 2013. $30

frolicking in the santa barbara surf

we used to blend a bit of merlot with our cab franc but the latter rebelled a few years ago, demanding its independence. so now we gave her her own bottle. she travels the globe solo now and prefers coastlines. something about an affinity for blondes and beach umbrellas.

nectar, santa clara valley, estate grown (100% cabernet franc). nectar as in “of the gods.” an offspring of a midnight triste between merlot and cabernet franc, cab franc combines bright fruit with a dusty, hearty elegance. ours is full of raspberries and cassis.  limited production. current release: 2014, $32

white wines sunbathing in january, waiting for a dance party

we grow red grapes exclusively on our 20-acre campus, so when we want to drink a cool, crisp white on a sunny day. we have to open our doors to immigrant varietals. we pretty much always have something sparkling (so orange juice can fulfill its destiny) and some local white we find sly and thrilling.

chardonnay of the golden ray (100% chardonnay) we call this a “crossover” chardonnay. accelerates like a sauvignon blanc – subtle nose, easy fruit, crisp, refreshing taste – then launches into the rich, deep flavors of a classic new world chard. safe travels: 2016, $23

venUS, central coast, (99% viognier, 1% estate petite sirah). this pink beauty is clean and refreshing on the palate, with a delightful flowery nose. her pinkness may imply sweetness, but we assure you she is quite dry. to her pink means a fullness of body and a rosy disposition. limited production. current release: 2015, $23

prosecco, borgo molino winery, italy, (near venice)
 not as aggressive as many champagnes, this dry prosecco swam over from europe seeking freedom and laughter. she  is a light (13% alcohol), refreshing shimmy of effervescence always looking for a good time. she does appreciate good manners, however, and clean glassware. current release: 2015, $21

r last bottle of r pinot noir (really!)

even though we grow six different varietals on campus, crafting 11 different wines from them, sometimes you just hanker for some fresh, new experience. so out we go into the local countryside looking for some regional red gem for r non-estate label. our first find — r first pinot noir — came from the famed santa lucia highlands, south of us along the coast. alas, that luscious vintage is all but gone now, but we are actively seeking her replacement. look for her debut later in 2017.

r pinot noir, 2010, monterey county, 2010 (100% pinot noir). you should have tasted it. it was good, really good. people who tried it experienced extended moments of enlightenment and a sharp uptick in their sense of humor. (at least they thought so.) SOLD OUT