what is it with all the dogs at satori?

the number of dogs at satori is always changing, more on weekends when you add visiting dognitaries. this is skipper, designated travel companion for sandy, giving his mistress a lick on a recent road trip to san clemente.

bellying up to the bar

an english bulldog in full holiday finery awaits a bowl of merlot with his public relations manager.

i’d like to revisit the venus

hot pink ears to match her little rosy tongue.

who’s running the store here?

cathy and ginger and sandy and happy. All happy.

which way to the varmints?

easy (black) and pearl (white) on the prowl for gophers in the vineyard. after the rains the soil becomes easy digging for this lot and you often see them (buddha and fiona too) up to their shoulders in fresh muddy holes.

Aquarius Quinn


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